We were out the other night at a place called Lucky 7 Saloon, in Kirkland. We were just hanging out, seeing our cousins, when Hubby looks up at one of the many tv screens...

"There's trivia questions up there," he says.

I noticed them earlier, but didn't know what they were about. So we asked our waitress about it. And it's called Buzztime - where you play with other people all over the place. I don't think you really win anything, but it's sorta fun and helps fuel conversation, as well as create a little friendly competition. Best of all, at this bar, it was free to play. They have other games at different times, like during football games, they have games that involve guessing the next play or something.

Hubby and I formed a team and we dominated almost the whole night. While we didn't know every answer (on some we took some lucky guesses), we knew a few right off the bat which helped increase our score.

Who says trivia is useless? It has a purpose....entertainment.

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Ferndoggle said...

A girlie after my own heart! I love another foodie who's so organized!!!

I wanna come to your house for Turkey Day!!

Jen & the Dogs