Yes, we sure have been spoiled. The rain wasn't *all* that bad. But now, this...this SNOW!

It's soooo cold. I've been inside for an hour already, and my legs are still cold. We spent nearly the entire weekend inside due to the weather. I should get used to it though. It's supposed to be cold! And it'll be great for all that skiing I'm going to do this winter!

Now that we're sufficiently tired of turkey, I found this great Shepherd's Pie recipe to make with the leftovers. It turned out awesome. And a great way to use up stuff.

Hubby and I put up our Christmas tree already. Most of the decorations are up as well. Now we have to put the lights up outside. I bought a pine garland to put inside the large window box, but it looks a little lonely. I'm thinking of putting some pinecones in there too, or maybe even these large ball ornaments. Who knows.... And seeing as I had the time, I wrapped up all the gifts that I purchased. I was running out of room under the bed. And it's just one less thing I need to worry about later.
I finally went to the liquor store to buy Starbucks Cream Liqueur. I really wasn't sure what it was supposed to taste like. And when I asked a store employee about it, she said she hadn't tried it, but was told from customers that they liked it better than Bailey's. It's not really saying much seeing as Bailey's is really good at marketing, but it gave me an idea of what it was trying to taste like. So, I picked up a bottle of the Starbucks Cream - in a gift pack, with a free coffee mug. I made up some coffee - to go along with tree decorating and gift wrapping - and it was delicious. It *would* make a great gift!


wyn said...

And did you know there was a marathon over the weekend in Seattle? If it was snowing all day Saturday and Sunday like it was here, that made for really messy Sunday! But it's awfully nice to see *real winter weather* when we're starting to feel all Christmas-y. =)

Lys said...

Hmmm.. I'll have to check out the 'Bucks Liquor... sounds interesting - thanks for the tip!

Glad your holiday went great!