I had a little freak-out over the weekend, but now I'm all action.

It wasn't until Saturday morning, when Sis was watching Food Network because Giada's Turkey Raviolis "looked awesome"....and ad came on for the station, proclaiming "Only 12 days until Thanksgiving".

12 days?


The only thing I had planned for Thanksgiving was that I was having it at my house. I told a few family members, but didn't make sure everyone knew. I didn't have a menu. I didn't have any lists going. Nothing.

So I had to get right on it. I planned a menu, albeit simple. This is my 3rd Thanksgiving, and I'm learning that more side dishes doesn't really make it better. It just makes it more work. I already learned about delegating, as people are pretty eager to help.

Turkey Two Ways - Roasted and Deep Fried. Hopefully it doesn't rain so Hubby can do a deep-fried turkey.
Italian Sausage Stuffing with dried Cranberries instead
Cranberry Sauce (I'm going to make it from scratch, I hear it's pretty easy)
Candied Butternut Squash
"Sinful" Mashed Potatoes (basically because it has cream cheese in it, YUM) - my take on this Rachael recipe
Green Bean Cassarole (Sis is making)
Butter Lettuce Salad with candied walnuts, apples, and red onion
Rolls (Mom-in-Law bringing)
Crudite Platter (Other Sis is making)
Apple or Pumpkin Pie (Mom is making, I gave her a choice which one)
Chocolate Pie (Sis is making)
We have the wines (Chianti and Pinot Grigio), and Bro's getting assigned the Beer.

After I picked my dished, I wrote up shopping lists (to buy now, to buy later). And also wrote a list of things I need to buy that will just make things easier - tray tables, turkey lifters, fat separator, table pad, gravy boat. Most of these things I was able to pick up at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (and was able to use multiple 20% off coupons...they keep sending them to me!). There's a few more things I need, but for the most part - almost there!

A side note on those BB&B 20% off coupons - It says they're not good on certain name brands. But the other day, my friend was able to use it on a set of Riedel O stemless glasses. So I tried it with a Calphalon slicer (already on clearance), Henckels meat fork, and Yankee Candle set - and they all got discounted. Oh, and the cashier let me use 5 coupons in one transaction. So either the cashier didn't mind that the stuff I was buying was not to be discounted, or the system itself is not programmed to deny the discount. All I'm saying is...just try to use the coupon. The least that will happen is that they say you can't. Whatever.

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