What a day, huh? Actually, it all started yesterday....

After the flurries of snow we received Sunday, we were preparing for another cold one on Monday. There was no way I was driving to work, and despite being 15 minutes late for my bus, I still managed to catch it. It was running about 25 minutes late. Good for me.

It was a busy day on the Pier with all the football fans milling around before Monday Night Football. So, we were rewarded with a shortened day. Get out of the city before the game starts! I caught an earlier bus home, but still got caught in a little game-related traffic. Still in the city, I look out the window and see the first flakes fall. Then it started hailing. And I was so glad to be inside a heated bus...though I still couldn't feel my legs. The weather got worse and worse. And the bus finally made it to my car, where it was snowing, but it wasn't sticking. The roads were clear. Hooray!

I got home at my usual time, even though I caught an earlier bus. Which was fine. I just wanted to be home. Hubby worked swing shift, so I wasn't expecting him. But he called me to let me know he got done early and was on his way home. By the time the game was over, Hubby still wasn't home. I kept calling him, and he kept complaining about the horrible road conditions, getting stuck on I-405 (at one point, all lanes were blocked by a truck or something), and stupid drivers. But he made it home around 10:30 PM. Which is better than some people. On the news this morning, they showed abandoned cars on sides of freeways and people still driving home from last night. Yikes. So thankful that we're all safe at home.

Safe at home, on a self-imposed snow day. The sun is out now, but it's still very cold. The roads are very slick. Kenai is loving the snow. Bandit, not so much. I have so much work to do at work. But really, I just can risk going out there with my car. I'm already a pretty nervous driver. Add on snow and ice...and forget it! Good thing I stocked up on Irish Cream and Starbucks Cream Liqueur. It's a perfect accompaniment to coffee and a cold day.

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little things said...

I just got back from Vegas and am extending my vacation with a self-imposed snow day as well. I can't believe how much snow fell last night! Hope you are keeping warm and safe at home... the Starbucks Cream Liqueur sounds like a yummy treat!