I never really thought about buying, let alone wearing, rain boots.

But the recent abundance of rain and puddle-inducing fallen leaves, I'm thinking twice. Also, two co-workers were afflicted with puddle-shoe syndrome.

I'm thinking that they might not be a bad idea. And with ones that look as good as these, why not? Well, they are $75. But don't they look fabulous. For a more traditional rain boot, these seem more reasonable.

But then again, you can't get much more traditional than the Wellington. And they are a pretty penny.


wyn said...

You know what's annoying? Sticking your feet in your loafers the next day and getting a slight damp feeling still. =S
The pretty boot makes me *want* to consider a pair. Meh, that's what more platform-type shoes (that pokier people who are pack-rats with their 90s shoes still have) are for those days when the puddles and the rain are just too much to dodge and tiptoe around!

emigre said...

I'm eyeing a pair of rain boots from Lands' End, theirs aren't as cute, but seem well-made.

Lola said...

Oh, those are so cute! : )