Remember these red hot beauties?

Well...I saw them, loved them, and pretty much forgot about them. I mean, they're so RED, and SUEDE, and $80. They bring a smile to my face, but I couldn't justify it...until now.

This Saturday, I'm volunteering for an organization called WACAP. It's an international adoption agency. I've had family and friends adopt international children, so it's quite dear to me. My friend Jenny (the one that just got back from the Peace Corps) got me to help. We're going to be working at the auction that they will be having during their Anniversary Gala.

What this means for us is dressing up a little. I'm going to wear that floral black-n-white dress that I wore to Hubby's cousin's wedding last April. But the shoes are a problem. I don't really have a nice pair of *comfy* shoes to wear with the dress. The ones I wore to the wedding were not so comfy and quite tall. So I ended up picking these patent leather peeps from Naturalizer.

They were not on sale, but they were having a buy one get the 2nd 25% off. And the red suede shoes were on sale already - marked down to $39.99. So it was 25% off the red shoes. I also had a coupon that they had sent me for an additional 15% off the entire purchase, and it's valid on sale items. Score!

And the best part, despite the red shoes being so high, it's a slight illusion. They've got a platform. And the heel is so chunky, that it's not so difficult to walk. As for the peeps, they are way comfy and padded. So I don't have to worry about these bugging my feet at the auction. The patent leather is quite fun, too. (I tried on those other patent leather corset type shoes at Nordy's, but they only had it in a size 8. Too small....)

I must come to the realization that I will never ever be done buying shoes. I *almost* splurged on these adorable peeps that I've had my eye on since Summer 2003. I adore the blue pair. Something about the cut out detailing and the leather treatment. They are finally on sale. And I even tried them on (they run small!). They're so so cute. But match nothing in my wardrobe. Not a thing. And they're still $67. But you say, "What about those rediculous Coach wedges?" Well, I got them at a deep discount, and even wore them twice. They're so not comfortable, so I'm going to sell them on eBay in the Spring. I'll keep you posted. But at least those matched one outfit I put together.

Here's to shoes!


Lys said...

And they say I'm the Choo-Holic ;) Nice choice for the auction - and here's to EBAY for getting rid of those finds that just don't have that *umph* anymore :)

acaligurl said...

bitch' red shoes!!!!!

Michelle said...

yes! Look out the way when I'm in these shoes!

I love Ebay that I can unload some shoes that I don't just *love* anymore. I still love those Coach wedges, they're just so impossible to walk in. And my feet are a little too wide for them, and being fabric, they won't stretch.

bdogg_mcgee said...

Oh oh oh oh!

I simply adore those red shoes! How comfy are they??