Hubby gave me for my birthday, a Nintendo 64. This was oh, say.....6 years ago (?). Long time ago. It had been stored for a while in the garage, having been replaced with and xbox. But, for our nieces, our house is just too adult. So we set up the N64 in our room so that they have something to play with. Because, xbox is pretty much off limits. And well, it's on the main tv.

But the nieces are getting restless. Our games are boring, and overplayed. I know I never made it a priority to keep buying games, let alone play them. My favorite, Banjo Kazooie, has already been beaten by me. So finally, FINALLY, I decided to just buy some more. I'm not sure if you can buy new ones at the store anymore, but I didn't really want to pay new prices anyway. $5 at the most per game was my limit. And I want to get a bunch. So, ebay to the rescue. Lots and lots of used games being sold. Though, not as cheaply as I thought. Anything Mario is still very popular (namely Mario Kart) and not exactly what I would call bargain.

I won a couple of auctions for used games, including Super Mario and a Zelda game. But I'm only getting the game cartridges, no box or documentation....meaning, no instructions! Sure, there's places selling the booklets...but why pay for them. I don't need the original, I just need a copy. And I found a place online that has scanned versions of instruction booklets, called ReplacementDocs.com. And not only for old Nintendo 64 games, but for many other platforms as well. Another place I discovered is GameManuals.net. I wasn't able to find all the instruction booklets I needed, but oh well. I'll just have to pay for them, but only if they're really needed.


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