For now at least...Just in time for the Macy's Friends and Family sale. 20% off practically everything. Things that are usually excluded from discounts can now be discounted, like Frangos, Coach, Dooney, Kate Spade, and other name brands. Combine that with an Ebates cash back and free shipping (if you have at least a Platinum Macy's Card - I do), and you're saving time and money. But, I'm planning on going to the store myself to see the items in person. Mom's getting a new bag this year (she was hinting at liking the Dooney Signature bags). For in-store, I was sent a discount card. But in the email, the discount code it says is MACYSFRIEND. Shame...it's a real good sale.

Maybe I can even have them gift wrap it for free (another cardholder perk), though it wouldn't match with my other gifts. I've recently taken a liking to using one wrapping paper on everything...and using crazy not-so-matchy bows for a pop of contrasting color. When under the tree, it looks great.

I'm oh so close to finishing up my Christmas shopping. Just a few more little things. I just keep forgetting some of the traditions I do in the past. Such as buying ornaments for the kids and ladies in the family. I just love ornaments, though I rarely buy them for our tree anymore. Mom's the same way though, and will often give us ornaments. At least they have a story. I also am debating on what to give my co-workers. I don't spend all that much, but I like to give something to show I care. They're my second family! And I made up a batch of homemade cocoa mix that I'm not sure how to package. Ziptop baggie just doesn't say "Merry Christmas" you know?

Speaking of hot cocoa...I think food kits make great gifts. It first started with wanting to give hot cocoa. I hear Godiva's Dark Chocolate cocoa is devine. But it's $10. And I want to give something that I make, and remembering AB's cocoa, it's something that's simple to make. And then I thought about other hot drinks. Coffee would make a great gift too, especially when given with Irish Cream. And hot apple cider. I'm sure a packet of mulling spices is inexpensive to put together. And did you see the Holiday Gift Special on Food Network? So inspiring. I was espcially rapt by the marshmallow making demo.

I'm totally consumed by holidays right now. Please excuse me.

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