Sounds like brining the bird is the way to go. Since it requires minimal preparation and simple ingredients, we're going to try it.

Since, AB is a cooking genius, and that's where I first heard the concept, I'm going to try his recipe...though with a little revision (I'm going to omit the allspice berries and candied ginger). And his cooking method requires no basting, but will be aided by a programmable thermometer (which I don't have, but will probably get). He also does an even simpler brine for his deep fried-turkey. For those doing deep fried turkey, his Good Eats episode "Fry Turkey Fry" is a must-see. Both for the sake of the bird, and your safety.

Other T-Day preparations occurred yesterday - I went grocery shopping for the last of the items needed (er, at least most of them) for the big meal. I didn't really need 6 bottles of wine, but it's cheaper to buy 6 at Safeway. And we didn't have much in the red department. I was disappointed to not find Barnard Griffin's Cab-Merlot, which is quite the crowd pleaser - but eneded up getting their straight-up Cabernet. But pleasantly surprised to see Cloudline's Pinot Noir to be priced less than normal.

Today, I'm going to pick up my knives from the sharpener (much needed a good sharpening). Also, going to Costco to shop for the frying oil. Taking a break from T-Day prep on Tuesday for my riding lesson. Prep will resume on Wednesday when the cooking begins!!

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bdogg_mcgee said...

YES! I loved the fried turkey episode of "Good Eats." However, watching the flare-up of the turkey that was still a bit frozen was too scary for me to ever attempt a fried turkey. I just know I'd do something to mess it up and either catch myself or my house on fire. :)