As a child, I loved doing crafty things - coloring, painting, making window decorations, etc. I'd get really excited about a getting a new Crayola kit - complete with watercolor paint, crayons, and markers.

A recent gift guide geared towards children got me thinking about those artful days of mine. They recommended Elmer's Paintastics paint brush pens. It's as close to mess-free painting as you can get. And perhaps it's something that my youngest niece would enjoy, and maybe her mother, too.

But more than anything, it gave me the idea of giving art supplies as gifts. And with Mom's approval, I bought a bunch of stuff from the Crayola Store. They have so much cool stuff these days. That "Color Wonder" line is amazing and truly mess free. It seems to be a hit as well - I looked for it first at Target.com and they were backordered already.

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wyn said...

Do you think that kids then don't appreciate making art the same way? Haha, but as increasingly sensible people worried about cleaning up messes onto precious dinner tables, white sofas, and light carpet, it's all the better it's neater! LoL.
Seeing things like these (and those watercolour pencils - draw, colour, then add water to get the watercolour effect) make me want to draw a scene and get artsy, too!