Is it because I changed the template? Or when doing so I took off my site meter?

Today's weekly report showed 10 hits to my blog. Now, I know my blog isn't exactly world famous (like ljc's or dooce's), but I usually get more than that.

So I tinked around with my blog a little more and put the site meter back up, and also was able to figure out how to put up my flickr badge and the librarything widget (it didn't work with my last template).

So, if you're out there....please say hello! I need to make sure this thing is still working and viewable.


Anonymous said...

We're here. I think we're all in the same boat, though because we're all running around. I haven't had much time for checking in on blogs because of packing and such. Also, blogger wasn't letting me comment again for several days.

I can't get that flickr badge on the template I have, so I have the other badge now. Sucks because I think this one is cuter.


Miss Rachel said...

Definitely still here, and checking regularly. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving.

emigre said...

love your blog, keep on posting.

Lys said...

Sorry girl! I was traveling and had no 'net access for a bit.. but I'm reading on the regular!!!