Just in time for my trip, we paid off our Visa card. It's been a long time coming. I feel a lot better, and now we can focus on paying off our debts (Best Buy - TV, Dell - computer, Bank - Home Equity Loan). Good thing that both BB and Dell are interest free until next year, so not much pressure. HE Loan technically not due until ten years or so, but we still have to pay interest. But since we're going on this little trip, I'm thinking we'll be using the card again. I think it's just so much safer and easier to keep track of. I mean, who carries cash anymore?

But it feels good that I can cross one thing off the resolutions list (#5). As for the other resolutions, I'm on my way to #6 Maximize the IRA contribution, and I did #7 Buy a Designer Purse. #1 Go to gym once a week has been harder than expected, but if you average it out, then yes, we've been going once a week. 4 full months have passed, and how are you doing on your resolutions? (Please no rotten tomatoes!)

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Lys said...

Resolutions? What are those :) Nah - I'd say I'm attempting to travel more. I suck at the work less goal.

Glad to hear that you've accomplished part of your list. WTG Michelle!