Now back to the regularly scheduled girlie...

I'm not sure where this obsession came from, but I'm more interested than ever in getting my home in order. Namely the kitchen. Let me come out and say it - I want more stuff.

Like a salt cellar. But this is actually something that will be put to use and will help everyone in the kitchen. I use kosher salt when I cook, and therefore a regular salt shaker will not do. Right now, I keep the salt in a Ziploc container. It holds the salt well, but I would like something a little more solid, decorative, and with a lid that can be removed with one hand. I don't want a mill either, because then I couldn't do "the pinch". This one from Sur la Table caught my eye, but it's $30, and that's a tad more than I want to spend. I'm thinking I'll have luck if I go antique-ing or garage sale shopping.

Another new obsession is Dessert Plates. After having a family meal at the house, I didn't have any dessert plates. I usually use paper or foam plates for large gatherings, but at this particular gathering I used real dishes as I had enough (or thought I did, but I'll get to that later). So when dessert time came, I only had foam plates left. My small plates were already used as bread plates. Hence, I want dessert plates. Preferable ones that match or are part of a similar collection. I love these cheese label ones, these batik floral ones from Anthropologie, and these mum ones from Pier 1. Or I could go find an assortment of plates from garage sales and antique stores....oh the decisions!

Now, I'll talk about our regular dishes. When we first started living together, we furnished our kitchen with a lot of IKEA. We didn't have that much stuff to pool together. So we got their 2 start kits - Kitchen and Dining. They don't show the Dining kit online, but it basically has 6 full place settings of their 365+ series (plain white) - plate, salad plate, soup bowl, wine glass, juice glass, coffee mug, and flatware. We also bought the matching cereal bowls. What was so great about it is that they also sell by the piece, so if something breaks, we can buy what we need. That's the theory, at least. I think I've replaced one plate so far. And that last dinner party revealed that I only have 5 plates now. After doing a quick inventory, more dishes are needed. Eeekers. This is a long time coming, but it's also a good opportunity to expand to 8 place settings. We do have the room for the dishes, and they will be a lot nicer than foam plates when entertaining. Because we do that all the time.


rachel said...

those dessert plates are very cute!

MerrieB said...

I love the Salt cellar! I didn't even know you could still get them.