I'm posting a bit later than usual, but today I took the day off work. I did, however, have to make an appearance at work for a short meeting with Big Boss. It was short at least, and I had lunch downtown with my Mom. It was also a lovely day, which doesn't hurt. I even managed to avoid all protester-related traffic. Metro warned us that schedules will most likely be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So the weekend was relaxing, in addition to being productive. Friday, instead of going to the gym, we took advantage of an unusually warm (80 degrees!) day and checked out a restaurant called Pogacha with a friend. It was delicious. We didn't know what to expect, exactly, since they billed themselves as a restaurant with an Adriatic flair. What that meant, we didn't know. But after looking at the menu, it appeared to be a mix of Italian and Mediterranean. I had the braised lamb shank (so tender!), Hubby had the chicken madeira ravioli (delish!), and our friend had the lasagne (huuuuge!). We left stuffed and satisfied to have tried a new place that I've wanted to check out for a loooong time.

On Saturday, we were going to do yard work. But the ominous clouds hinted that it would rain, and eventually it did in a spectacular downpour. It was, however, the perfect weather for baking. So I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and a pot of coffee. Sis-in-law came over to do laundry (her dryer was broken) and we just hung out. I also managed to do bunches of laundry myself and finish my book. I also did some online shopping, finally purchasing my coveted sandals and philosophy's hope in a bottle from Nordy's. From Amazon, I bought the Skin Type Solution book. I originally borrowed it from the library, but found it a good resource to have around. It's also not that expensive for a hardcover. Also, I ordered Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meals 2 to help add to my Rachael Ray cookbook collection. Yes, I could get her recipes online, but it would take longer to look them up and print them all out. Mother's Day is also taken care of: I bought for Mom these Fiskars PowerGear pruners and these Bionic gloves. She has a hard time gripping due to tendonitis in her elbows, so maybe this will help her in the garden. And she just loves to garden.

Sunday was yard day as the weather improved. It was still chilly, but at least the sun was out and it was not raining. We headed to the Depot to do some shopping. We bought a new shrub, a Euonymus japonicus microphyllus. I think the common name is the Japanese Box Shrub, but I'm not sure. It's really cute with small varigated leaves. We also bought some yellow jacket attractant for the traps, an end cap for a fence post (like this, only wood), and a new seed spreader. Good times! Unfortunately, HD stopped carrying refills for the Fluidmaster Flush n' Sparkle system and does not carry Concern weed preventer (safe for dogs!). We were disappointed, however, that though they sell paving and cottage stones, they do not give discounts for buying by the pallet. They actually charge more, a pallet fee. We've never heard of this, so we didn't buy them. The manufacturer has a location nearby, so we're hoping to check them out to see if they sell to the public. Then it was off to Freddie's to get the weed preventer and bags of beauty bark.

As soon as I got home, I did a little more weeding - considerably fewer weeds than before - and spread out the weed preventer. Then I went to plant my new plant in an empty clay pot. I have a bunch of other little pots that I need to put annuals in. I'm thinking more coleus and impatiens. Hubby spread out the beauty bark, which I was glad for since that job sucks. Then I went to work on cleaning the front deck and front landing. Hubby came by and took the reins, and next thing I know we're scrubbing the deck with a bleach-soap solution. I also scrubbed clean the clay pots that were sitting out front, and they needed to be cleaned, I admit. So now all the yucky algae is gone and the deck is ready to be sealed again. At least I don't mind doing that, it's pretty much painting.

And today is May Day! HAPPY MAY DAY! I spent the day doing nothing that's related to May Day, but whatever. I got to spend a little time with my mom and her dog, Happy. Also, I got my yearly bonus and already devising ways of spending it. HA! Just kidding! It's already spent, as I'm going to use it pay off my Visa card. It'll also help to pay for vacation incedentals. But I suppose I could say, I wouldn't have bought the sandals if I knew I wasn't getting the bonus so soon. So I did, indeed, treat myself.

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