Yesterday, my Mom gave me a banana to eat. I went to her house to pick her up after my doctor's appointment. I was fasting all morning because they were going to draw my blood for a cholesterol test. But I was already prepared with the cookies that I made and plans to stop by at a Starbucks for a latte. So by the time I dropped her off, I still had the banana uneaten. I put it on the bannister by the front door, where Hubby noticed it.

Hubby: Where'd you get the banana?

Me: Mom. She thought I wanted to eat it after going to the doctor. But I didn't eat it.

Hubby: Oh yeah. You had that appointment.

So I was working on the computer when Hubby comes into the office with a bowl full of stuff I didn't recognize right away. And then it clicked.

He made a banana split sundae.

Me: You knew exactly what to do with that banana, huh?

Hubby: Yes. I know how to cook bananas.

Silly Hubby, and very sweet too.

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Bearette24 said...

that sounds yummy! i love bananas.