Vachetta is a special kind of leather that starts out nice and light in color, but oxidizes into a richer deeper tone (here's Wikipedia's definition). It's used in a lot of high-end leather products (like Louis Vuitton's famous logo bags).

It is supposedly maintenance free for the most part. This is of interest to me, because I'm taking out my Coach Soho Stripe bag out for the seasons. I carried it around last Summer, and though the vachetta is "browning" nicely, it's also a little dingy (especially around the corners on the bottom). Coach warns not to use their cleaner products on this type of leather, and recommends using a "soft, damp cloth". Ahem....Water is not enough to get it clean.

So I wandered into a Coach store and asked them about it. The lady was very nice and said to use a diluted solution of gentle soap. "Like dish soap?" I asked, and she said yes. She said to make sure it's diluted and clean the whole section of leather. Do not spot treat, because you'll make the clean spots stand out. But she also said that you can use unscented Baby Wipes. You can't get any gentler than that, they're made for delicate baby skin afterall.

That's the tip of the day: Unscented baby wipes to care for your vachetta leather. Brilliant!

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MerrieB said...

I actually used baby wipes to get paint out of the carpet. I spilled some accidentally and got to it right away, and it all came up. Baby wipes are miracle cleaners!