Besides my little shopping jaunt, going to a Sonics game (we won!), and getting my much anticipated facial, I spent most of my weekend on the new computer. I know it takes a bit of time to get everything all set up, installing software, etc. But sheesh! I know there's some other things I need to install, but I can't recall them at this point. So, no, I'm not done yet.

During this process, I had a dilemma. All my songs are on my old computer in iTunes. They're also on my iPod. I would rather transfer the songs off the iPod than burning all the songs onto disc, which could take loads longer. Apparently, Apple tried to make it so that you couldn't do this...easily. But there's a way. (Actually several ways - buying or downloading special software, or hacking your iPod). And I found one way and it worked. Here is the how-to via Playlist Magazine.

So that's all done. And I'm looking through all my software and cleaning up the desk (it was a huge mess!), and I found that Palm Pilot that I got Hubby a couple of years back AND the original box with everything in it. He abandoned it after it reset itself after the battery was completely drained and sitting for a long time (when he came back from Japan. He was really upset about that, he kept a journal and took pictures of his Mt. Fuji climb on it). I read now that this loss of data is an issue (I didn't know!!!) But, I'm going to give it a try and try to keep it charged all the time so we'll see how that goes. I'll soon be one of those people that play with their Palms on the bus. (ooooh, and there's a Seattle Palm-Users Group - or PUG - I could join!)

Next thing I need is a techy thing for my keychain...

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