With the great sun we're getting, it's getting me in the mood for lighter cocktails. As opposed to the hot toddies and hot buttered rums and Irish cream coffees, my tastes turn towards fizzy, fruity, and light.

My sis turned me on to something new she's been drinking, vodka tonics. Now I didn't really know what tonic is, and it turns out that it's sweetened, carbonated soda water with quinine and sometimes fruit extract. I haven't tried it by itself, but I heard it's not so good tasting, but as a mixer it's great. The bitter quinine makes a nice contrast to the sweet.

So, here's the recipe of sorts -
Vodka - 1 part
Tonic - 2 or 3 parts (your preference)
Rose's Lime Juice - a splash or 2 for taste
Lime Wedge (optional)

Pour the vodka, then the tonic, then splash on the Rose's Lime. Squeeze the lime wedge and drop in. Mix together. YUM!

With a straw, this makes quite a refreshing summer sipper. For variation, I suppose you could also add some cranberry juice or Chambord. My other favorite warm-weather drinks - Cosmo Spritzers (aka "Ghettopolitans") and Mojitos.


bdogg_mcgee said...

I like doing that, but using club soda instead of tonic.

That sounds kinda yummy, though!

Michelle said...

Club soda would probably just as good, just not as sweet.