I've bought this disposable camera to take up to the mountain. I didn't use up all the film, so I've been carrying it around with me. I took some random photos while about town. Here are some of them.

Cherry Blossoms in Bloom
Shortly after this, the petals all fell off.

Hammering Man's Broken Arm
They're doing construction on the Seattle Art Museum right now.
A contractor noticed the famous Hammering Man
Statue's arm was making weird noises. So it's turned off now and
his arm is in a sling. Repetetive stress syndrome perhaps?

No Viaduct
I noticed this written on the [Alaskan Way] Viaduct itself,
after a rally over the weekend supporting the Tunnel option.

Daffodils at the Market
In bloom for the season, Spring is in full gear
at the Pike Place Market.

At the Top of Crystal Mountain
You cannot beat this view of Mt. Rainier. It's close enough to touch!

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