Looking out my boss's window, I saw two guys wearing yellow Amazing Race shirts walking along the sidewalk (for reference, the office is on the Seattle Waterfront). A few minutes later, two ladies wearing red Amazing Race shirts are seen walking along the sidewalk.

Looks like they're taping the next Amazing Race and they've made a stop in Seattle. I never really watched the show, but it's still interesting nonetheless.

And another sighting was reported. A Bret Michaels impersonator, that was trying to convince everyone that he was indeed the real Bret Michaels, was spotted in both our restaurants here trying to get people to buy him free drinks. (He was buying himself White Zinfandel to drink.) It didn't work at one of the bars, so he went to the other where it worked moderately. It was amusing though to hear that he kept answering his cell phone, "Bret Michaels". I guess there just isn't that much work out there for a Bret Michaels lookalike.

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wyn said...

Lol, who's Bret Michaels? (Checks website.) Ewwwwww.....