It's happening again...

First, Clinique discontinued their Smooth Delivery lotion.

And now, Neutrogena discontinued thier Skin Smoothing body lotion.

Crap!!! I've been telling everyone about it too. I just love this product and trying to buy it whenever I see it. It was on clearance at the local Bartells and I got the last one. So sad....

Now I have to find another to do the same thing, prevent bumps on the back of my arms and prevent ingrown hairs. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO MEEEEEE?!?!

Now I'm on a search for a suitable replacement I can get at the drugstore. Apparently, I'm not the only one missing this product. A lot of KP sufferers are on the same hunt for a new product too, but I think they're probably suffering more than I am.

Here's some that I'm willing to try:
AmLactin - it has lactic acid, which is a alpha-hydroxy. I'd rather have a glycolic, but the only one I've seen is....

DDF Glycolic Body Lotion - $40?!!! But it will probably work, it has both glycolic and lactic acids.

Philosophy Chicken Skin - The name's cute, but what's in it?

Dermadoctor KP Duty - Also has glycolic and cute packaging.

*sigh* So there are options, but no longer any inexpensive ones. I think I'll just have to go to eBay until the Neutrogena supply has been tapped out.

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