It's a rare thing that I get the day off. But after last night's rehearsal dinner, I could use a break.

My outfit - very chic. My mom called me today to tell me - again - how much she like my ensemble. And the red velvet shoes were a great added touch.

The food - excellent. We went to the Crab Pot in Bellevue, and a lot of the out-of-towners took advantage of the house specialty, the Seafeast. I opted for the Halibut Macadamia - delish.

The wine - I enjoyed liberal amounts of Chateau Faire Le Pont pinot gris. It was very very good. And despite the French sounding name, they're a Washington State winery.

Tonight the girls are getting together, and thank goodness the hostess is just 5 minutes away from my house. JOY!

Well, I have lots of errands to do today. Wedding weekend is officially in full swing!

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