So I mentioned earlier that there was a bunch of Coach on sale at Macy*s. I went to the Southcenter location, so I can only say what I saw there - Selection will vary by store.

Some of the things that were on sale I was not surprised about. For example:

Signature Bag with the Fish / Ocean theme - It was part of their resort collection, but I didn't care for it.

Signature Bag with the Poppy - I thought the flower just looked plain weird

Quilted Fur Bag & wristlet - It didn't look like a purse, but a furry hood for a coat.

Some things, however, I was surprised about....

Metallic Pleated Hobo in Gold - right now, it's 50% off!

Nylon Pocket Satchel in Black - both large & small, 25% off

Soho small wristlet in gold - such a simple piece, and the leather is so soft in that so right now gold metallic.

Large Soho Leather Hobo in black - why is this in the clearance section? Such a basic!

So, go check out the selection. There's a lot more that I haven't mentioned, I just can't remember right now.

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