I got some exciting news from work yesterday. They want to send me down to San Clemente, California to visit our restaurant down there. Funny how I'm constantly in contact with the people down there, but have never met them in person. I'm pretty excited about this - not only do I get to go to California, but the trip will not cost us anything. And I get to take Hubby with me! We have to decide on when to go, but it looks like we'll have to go sometime in May before the busy season starts in earnest.

We haven't booked the flights yet, but I am already planning outfits and renting a convertible car.

California here I come...again!

UPDATE: The flights are booked and we're flying FIRST CLASS! Woo hoo! And I just remembered about the whole renting a car in Southern California thing - only tourists rent convertibles (due to terrible air). So, we will have to consider a nice sedan....

UPDATE: The car has been rented, and due to Hubby's insistence, we're getting a convertible. I mean, we'll be on the coast most of the time. And who cares if only the tourists rent convertibles? We're tourists! And you're jealous that we're not working!


Yvett said...

Lucky you! I love SoCal like you wouldn't believe. Enjoy!

wyn said...

Sweet - your company is super-nice to get a ticket for your husband, too! Don't forget to work while you're there. =P

Thushara said...

Wow! I'm so jealous!!! I wouldn't mind a free trip to anywhere! ;) Have fun while you're there!