100 Things

Ok, I did it. Here's my list of "100 Things About Me". It took me a while, but I tried not to do too much self-editing. And if you think about it, 100 things isn't that much. There's a lot more about me, but here's a start.

  1. My full name is Michelle Marie Gitchell.
  2. My maiden name is Weatherhogg.
  3. I got teased a lot in school for my last name.
  4. It stopped somewhere in high school. I’m not sure if people just were being more polite, less honest, or genuinely stopped caring.
  5. My birthday is March 9, 1979, which makes me a Pisces.
  6. I was born in Renton, Washington. I currently live in Maple Valley, Washington. (FYI: Both are suburbs of Seattle)
  7. I don’t see myself living anywhere else.
  8. I’m half Korean and White (English and maybe some Scotch), with a touch of Native American - Cherokee Indian. I just found out yesterday that I'm more native than I originally thought, it was either 1/16th or 1/32nd. I forgot.
  9. I’ve fooled Native Americans into thinking I was one of them. People have also thought I was Hispanic, Filipino, or Hawaiian.
  10. I don’t believe in Astrology, but I do think it’s kinda fun.
  11. I married a great guy on December 26, 2002 in Las Vegas.
  12. He’s an ex-sailor. Dad wasn't too happy about that at first as he's an ex-sailor too.
  13. That’s where I get my foul mouth, much to my detriment. (Hubby, not Dad).
  14. I was engaged for 3 weeks, but Hubby and I were together for over 4 years at that point.
  15. He calls me “Babe” most of the time, sometimes he calls me "Crabby" when I'm not in a good mood. I call him “Babe”, and when he's not nice, I call him every foul word in the book.
  16. I don’t have any children, but the thought of having children doesn’t repulse me like it used to.
  17. But I still don’t think I have much of a maternal instinct.
  18. I don’t have a favorite color, but I wear a lot of black.
  19. I’m a dog person – I’ve never owned a cat.
  20. I have two dogs – a Siberian Husky and a Dobie Shepherd Mix.
  21. I was always the “smart one”, but sometimes I underestimate myself.
  22. I wish I didn’t take calculus in high school; it’s done me no good now and caused me a lot of grief then.
  23. I finished college in 4 years, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.
  24. I crave routine and organization, but I’m not OCD.
  25. I’ve never broken a bone in my life.
  26. I’ve never had major surgery either.
  27. I’m the youngest child. My brother is 3 years older than me.
  28. I love flowers and plants, but don’t really enjoy taking care of them.
  29. I hate washing the car – I'd rather just go to the car wash and have them do it.
  30. I drive a Toyota Corolla LX. Hubby drives a Dodge Ram 2500 (when he’s not driving a work van).
  31. My next car is going to be a Mercedes SLK (I wish).
  32. I really like making lists, part of the whole organization thing.
  33. I’m all about relaxing, but I can sometimes get a little too lazy.
  34. I love food and cooking, but I don’t have the patience to cook all day.
  35. Yes, I can be a little impatient.
  36. My favorite food is pizza.
  37. I worked at a pizza chain and I’m still not sick of pizza.
  38. I’m a very loyal employee. I worked at the pizza place for over a year, then at a rubber stamp company for almost 4 years, and I’ve been at my current job since 2001.
  39. I work as an Accountant for a restaurant company, and get spoiled by the abundance of seafood.
  40. So when I go to another restaurant, I usually order non-seafood dishes.
  41. I love eating out. I think I eat out way too much.
  42. I shop online a lot, er…window-shop. I usually never buy clothes online, I gotta try them on.
  43. As much as I love designer goods, I find it really difficult to spend so much money on fashion.
  44. That’s why I usually only buy classic pieces.
  45. Sometimes I don’t understand fashion.
  46. I have a fear of rejection.
  47. I never had a serious relationship before I met Hubby.
  48. When I went on my first date with Hubby, I never thought it would lead to marriage.
  49. He is 8 years older than me. I was 18 when I met him, 19 when I first started dating him.
  50. I try not to care what others think about me, but I do.
  51. I think it’s because I lack self-confidence.
  52. I’m not a spontaneous person, but I would like to be.
  53. I need a plan for everything.
  54. I really need to lose some weight, but I really won’t do anything about it.
  55. We have a gym membership, but we never go.
  56. I went for a while, and really enjoyed yoga.
  57. When I get interested in sometime, I tend to get obsessed with it – getting more information, buying stuff, etc.
  58. I love looking at photographs, but I hate taking pictures. I feel like I’m invading someone’s privacy or bothering them.
  59. Hubby doesn’t like taking pictures either. So we don’t have many photos around.
  60. I love horses – riding them and taking care of them. Someday I’d like to own one.
  61. Along with a nice home on a large plot of land.
  62. I’ve been on TV – in 2 advertisements for my work. And two print ads that are in guest books for hotels.
  63. I started blogging because of savekaryn.com.
  64. I thought I could use my blog to make money. Money made because of this blog: $0
  65. I don’t really care about the making money aspect anymore, I just enjoy writing.
  66. I can see spelling errors from a mile away. A teacher once told me I should be an Editor.
  67. I don’t like to play video games, but I like to watch others playing video games. And helping them.
  68. My favorite season is Autumn. I love to watch the leaves change color, the wind, it not being so hot or too cold, and wearing sweaters with tall boots.
  69. I’ve been to the East Coast once, by myself, when I was in high school, for the National Young Leader’s Conference in Washington DC.
  70. Funny that I was inveited to the conference, I’m not a natural leader.
  71. I suck at keeping in touch with old friends.
  72. I sometimes have dreams about old friends and acquaintances.
  73. I wonder if it’s because they should be people I need to contact.
  74. Hubby was in one of my dreams before I started dating him. In the dream, he was ignoring me not knowing who I was. Shortly afterward, he asked me out on a date.
  75. I have a hard time ordering drinks in a bar. I usually go with the standby Cosmopolitan (and I didn’t even know about Sex and the City at the time I first started ordering these things!)
  76. I'm not a smoker but I like to smoke (I know it's bad for me, so I don't do it very often).
  77. I went to Korea when I was 2, which was my first airplane ride. I don’t remember a thing. Supposedly I didn’t recognize my dad when I returned.
  78. I used to be an accessory queen and collected lots and lots of jewelry.
  79. Then I had a simplicity phase (in college) where I got rid of the really gawdy things.
  80. I love books and reading, but don’t buy books. I borrow them from the library and friends.
  81. I’d love to be able to work from home, but I can’t do that at my current job.
  82. I took German in high school and went to Germany with an exchange group. We actually didn’t have to go to school there, but it was a highly cultural experience and lot of fun.
  83. I traveled a lot growing up. My parents were big on road trips and exploring our country. I think it's because we didn’t have enough money to pay for airfare.
  84. My last trip with my family was on a cruise to Hawaii in 2003.
  85. I’ll never go on a cruise again ever. I usually don’t get motion sick, but I got seasick for about half the time. Which is fine with Hubby, since he’s had enough of boats when he was in the Navy.
  86. I hate making the bed, which is why I don’t do it properly. As long as the mattress is covered, I’m good.
  87. I hate it when people ask when I’m going to have a baby. It started before I was even married.
  88. I don’t know what I’d do without a computer.
  89. When I grew up, I wanted to be a Veterinarian. But when I realized it involved blood, I decided it wasn’t for me.
  90. I went to college at University of Washington Tacoma. I didn’t go too far away for school so I could be close to my boyfriend (now Hubby).
  91. I’m a naturally shy person, especially around boys.
  92. I never went to the Sadie Hawkins, I was too scared to ask someone out.
  93. I’m such a dork, and now I can admit it.
  94. I was a tomboy growing up. But I guess I couldn’t help it since there were no other girls in the neighborhood for the longest time.
  95. Michelle Brannan moved in next door and changed everything. She moved away and I miss her a lot. I don’t even know if that’s her name anymore.
  96. I’m not a morning person, nor a night owl. What does that make me then?
  97. I grew up with a very frugal Mom, some of it has rubbed off onto me. But sometimes I really don’t want to be frugal, because I don’t have to.
  98. I didn’t grow up with religion, though my parents found it when I was a pre-teen. I don’t consider myself religious, but I do believe in spirituality and a higher power.
  99. I used to live with two girls and a guy. We got kicked out (no evicted) because we partied too much. I’m afraid I don’t talk to my old roommates anymore. Not because I’m angry with them, we’re just different people now. Hubby warned me it would happen.
  100. I have an excellent memory. And sometimes I wish it wasn’t so good. So I could forget the bad times and not miss the good times so much.


Susie_Princess said...

Just passing through...enjoyed your list...
I did one a while back...it never seems to be enough!
Nice BLOG!!

Michelle said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. i like comments. lets me know that *someone's* reading. lol

Susie_Princess said...

random comments are so much fun...

Good job with the credit card!!

rachel said...

i still haven't made it to 100 on my list. good job on yours!

Julie B said...

I liked reading your list, it was interesting. Good luck with the book club. You should suggest the book The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, it is a great book.

T.E.E.Q. said...

Nice Job on this Blog Entry!
I was thinking to myself, do I even know "100" things to list about myself? I will challenge myself to this. Again Nice Job!!!

René Honey said...

hi michelle...

love your list... you and i have many similarities in common!! especially getting your coat lined with red...oh gawd... i was going to do that a few weeks back but i wasn't sure how much the tailor was gonna charge me for it.. so i figured i'd do it later.. but i'm glad i'm not the only one who makes things happen for herself.

i'll definitely be back to read your posts... i just started a blog on blogger and will move more of my old blog on to it in the near future. i'm looking to start a list too!! you've inspired me..

hope you're in good health... keep up the posts hun.. they're great!!