Some acquired wisdom throughout my life. OK, not really - just some handy tricks that I've discovered - on my own and with some help. They aren't exactly in any order. Just a list that I came up with after thinking "wow, what a great tip! I need to share it!".

Protect your purses: Real Simple had it correct - you really do need to protect your purses while they are being stored. RS suggested to keep your stored purses stuffed with tissue paper - just like when you first purchased it from the department store. I take this a step further - take the tissue paper, newspaper, packing material, whatever and put it in a gallon size Zip*loc bag. Then put the bag in the bag. Keeps your purse upright and helps it keep its shape. Also makes it pleasing to look at. When buying a high-end designer bag, you usually always receive a dust cover. But for those that don't have a dust cover for thier cherished handbag - designer or otherwise - use an old pillowcase! It works the same - keeps the damaging dust off. Now, I don't have all my purses covered in this manner, but I only have a few that deserve/need this kind of treatment.

Acidophilus - Not just for yogurt: Usually added to milk to help people drink it, acidophilis is well known for helping the digestive system, as well as helping prevent yeast infections. Hubby and I both take it for these reasons - him for stomach, me for yi prevention. But, an interesting side benefit that I'm experiencing (besides the stomach help) is clear skin. I've previously mentioned the troubling skin that I have (pimples, blackheads, etc). Lately, however, it's the clearest it has ever been. It's still oily, however, but that doesn't bother me as much as the zits and blackheads. Even my large pores aren't bothering me. I can only account it to the regular acidophilis pills that I'm taking (or maybe age?). Probably because its good for the digestive system, it helps your body get rid of toxins and whatnot. Either way, I'm still taking it. Acidophilus is also found in yogurt - they're the "live and active cultures".

Binder clips: Now I get a lot of these at home somehow. But, it's not a bad thing. They work great in keeping bags closed. I know they have those special bag closers, but these are cheaper and can be used to keep papers together, too. Alton Brown would be proud.

Used fabric softener sheets: Everyone knows to clean out the lint trap after each dryer use (right!?!). But oftentimes, it's hard to get a grasp - especially if there isn't a lot of lint to hold onto. If you can, use a vacuum cleaner w/ hose attachment to clear the lint. If not, like most people, use the spent fabric softener sheet. Its texture proves useful for grabbing the lint. Then throw away! Simple!

Clarifying Shampoo: A while ago, I did a review on some Back to Basics White Grapefruit Clarifying Shampoo. I liked how it got my hair *squeaky clean*. Well, I have found another great use for it! The other day I was washing my makeup brushes. I have been, well, procrastinating in this department. It had been a *long* time since I washed them, and well, they needed it. Needless to say there was a lot of makeup on them, especially my foundation brush (I use a powder foundation). At first, I used my facial cleanser. But the first sudsing didn't much off. Apparantly the texture of the brush makes it so that it wants to hold on to the makeup. Then I remembered the clarifying shampoo. It worked great! Though I did have to suds a couple times, but it's so much cheaper than my face cleanser.

The importance of destressing: They say that in addition to family history, stress is a contributing factor to gray hair. I truly believe this. Just take a look at the US presidents of recent memory. They go in with brown hair, they come out with gray hair. All due to the stressful nature of the job. So, learn to de-stress!

Shower Caps: Most people know these are the original Saran Quick-Covers. They work great on covering large bowls. Next time you're staying at the hotel, bring your own shower cap and take the free ones they give you.

There's more to add, I just can't think of them. Kinda funny how when I come up with the bright idea, I don't write it down. I'll try to remember to write it down, so that I can add to this list later.

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