Yesterday, I wore my white capris for the last time of the year. And it was after Labor Day (rebel!!!!). But, just looking at the forecast, the rains are to begin tonight and last for the next ten days. Yes, they've been wrong before (many times), but the morning air is crisper and the days are getting shorter. Summer, indeed, is coming to an end. I've added a link for my local forecast under the "Addicted to...." heading.

This weather blip also brings the bi-annual closet rotation - an event where I put away my Summer clothes, and bring out the cool weather sweaters. They're not quite "put away" just yet, however - they're merely on "standby" until the weather really turns nasty as is expected.

I'm just glad that the roof is done! (*jumping for joy*)

Ooh, ooh! (I forgot to mention...) During my closet changeover, I found a great black/white herringbone purse that I bought a couple of years ago. I didn't use it too much when I got it, but I just need to add a vintage pin and it's good to go. I have this great flower pin that's pea green. And since green is coming back this fall, it'll be perfect. Hooray!

UPDATE: I often wondered myself why they always say not to wear white after Labor Day. I've found my answer, thanks to Yahoo.


wyn said...

hey, that sounds like my weather forecast in vancouver! only rain for the next five days..... :S

if we "can't" wear white after labour day, when can we start wearing white again?? :)

Michelle said...

yup, Vancouver and Seattle are very close weatherwise. To answer your question, apparantly you "can" wear white again after Easter. But, this "fashion rule" has since been abolished. I mean, Septembers are usually the best weather we get in the Pacific NW. I just happen to be putting away the white capris, because they're capris. And I'm not sure this weather is going to improve much.