Yesterday, Edgar Martinez announced his retirement from baseball. For many, this doesn't mean much. But for us Mariners fans, this is a big deal, albeit we saw it coming. He has been with the Mariners his entire career of 22 years. His loyalty was unwavering, though he could earn more money at another team. He was in it for the long haul, and hopefully, will remain with the Mariners organization.

But when will it end? What I am referring to is the freakish Edgar give-aways. There was the Edgar Duck, a rubber duck with Edgar's head instead of a duck head. Then there was the nesting Edgar dolls, like those nesting Russian Dolls. The bobblehead, the piggy bank, etcetera. Tonight is Edgar Bear Night. A teddy bear with the face of Edgar. I saw it on the news this morning, with the anchorman commenting that this is probably the most frightening Edgar give-away created. I second that emotion.

With his retirement, it probably will end soon...well, at least until the season's over. And to many Mariners fans (diehards excluded), the season is over.

Who to take his place? Bucky. I heart Bucky!

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