A true Western-Washintonian would enjoy this rainy weather we're having right now. It has been cool and rainy for the past 4 days. And I'm loving it. Although it's AUGUST people! And it should be hot hot hot. We've had quite the warm summer, and a few days of cool is just what we needed. Especially my front lawn. We've been seeing the sun, but the winds are bringing us these rain clouds. Visions of sitting in my warm home, sipping hot cocoa (sugarfree), during a thunderstorm are filling my head.

Seeing the opportunity, I brought out my fall sweaters (as I have just realized yesterday that I haven't bought a stitch of Fall fashion). I tried out my new fall eyeshadows (as I've previously mentioned - Lancome's Spontaneous eyeshadow and Prune liquid eyeliner). And today I'm wearing one of my favorite ribbed sweaters (ivory, by Gap) and a pair of velvety brown jeans and brown leather ankle boots. It's nice to be in an office that's naturally cool, in contrast to the arctic blast of air conditioning on hot days.

I especially liked bringing out my hardly used red umbrella. It really brightened my day.

Ah HAH! The sun just peeked out!

But only for the time being.

It's gonna storm tonight!

grabbing the hot cocoa...

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