Aren't we all looking for a way to make an easy dollar? We're all consumers, and there are many marketing research firms looking for your opinion. I remember taking a survey online for a magazine that I subscribe to. They said they were going to send $5 for my five minutes, and they did! My sis-in-law constantly got a $1 and a survey in the mail. She'd keep the dollar and throw away the survey (not her fault, she didn't ask for the survey). Another friend would get a few dollars here and there for filling out questionnaires.

Here's what I gathered:
Walk around the Supermall, and there are people standing around with clipboards looking for people that fit their demographic at the moment. A friend and I got wrangled in and got little pay, but lots of product, from shampoos to chicken pot pies.

Sign up at SurveySavvy.com to take surveys. You give your info, and if something comes up, they send you a site to answer pre-qualifying questions. If you're the right person they're looking for, then you take the survey (which is where the money is). I've never made it to this point, so I'm still waiting. It does, however, help to cure workplace boredom.

Market Trends is a local research company. My co-worker has done a lot with them, and got paid some pretty good cash. Again, you give them some basic information and they email you potential focus groups that you may be eligible to join. I just joined at got one email so far, but I don't text message with my cell phone, so I couldn't do it. Same co-worker had people come to his house to conduct research, $200 for 2 hours. Wow.

Greenfield Online: I did this while I was in college, though I didn't really have the time to devote to answering all the questions. Busy being a student and all. I haven't done anything there recently, but from what I hear, they're reputable.

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