Hubby and I are back on the diet....again. I think it'll be a tad easier now that all banned items can truly be banished from the house. It's the beginning of week two. So far, so good. Back in the day of low-carb/carb controlled diets, you didn't have all these low-carb ready-made food choices. It seems that you should be eating more "whole foods" that aren't overly processed. But, sometimes you just can't help it - cooking takes time and time is limited and precious.

So, you gotta lean on these low-carb alternatives sometime. Here I am to weed out the crap... (well, it's a start at least. More reviews to come later. maybe)

Yoplait Ultra Yogurt: I tried this for the first time today (Blueberry Creme) with some chopped walnuts in it. Yes, I know you're no supposed to be eating yogurt (yet) in Phase 1 of the SBD, but hey, my doctor told me to eat it everyday (so THERE!). Besides, I'm also taking a carb blocker with it to, perhaps that will help. This was actually pretty tasty and close to the regular stuff, without the fruit chunks however. I'm not sure about the other flavors, but I'm pretty sure they don't have any fruit in them either. The texture is a little clumpy, but soft. Sweetened with Splenda, it didn't have any strange aftertaste. Recommendation: It's worth a try if you really like yogurt. I will probably pick this yogurt for my daily eating. I hear though, that the carbs listed on the yogurt are going to be high on account of the milk, etc., but still OK. This will be a good alternative, however, to the NutraSweet sweetened Yoplait.

Dannon Carb Control: I tried this in the Vanilla and another flavor (can't remember, so long ago). I really liked the portion size, 4 oz, perfect for packing with my lunch to work. I liked the vanilla over the fruit flavored - IMO, when it comes to sugar-free, the simpler tastes (like vanilla) turn out better/truer. Texture was smoother than the Yoplait, but when it comes to taste, I don't think it tastes as good. Also sweetened with Splenda. Recommendation: I'll eat it, but it's not my first choice.

Joe's Lows Soy Twists: Purchased these once, during our first foray into low-carb eating. Good thing it was a small bag, they were primarily enjoyed by our dogs. The bulk of the chips were soy, and therefore, the texture and taste were a bit off. Initally, they're OK, it's the aftertaste that's odd. They're not so bad dipped in a cream cheese or soft cheese spread (like Rondele). Recommendation: I guess we're not used to a soy based chip, but I won't be buying these nonetheless. I will, however, be giving their soy tortilla chips a chance sometime in the future. (I've heard good things about them)

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