The location, that is. Although I do enjoy my job, I love working down here on Seattle's Waterfront. Just yesterday, Fleet Week began with the arrival of the ships. I watched it for a while, as planes, helicopters, and the Blue Angels practiced overhead. I can hear them flying by while I'm in my office.

This weekend is Seafair Weekend, and one of the great parts about living in the Puget Sound region. Now I really wish we had a boat.

But until then, I'll enjoy the sights and sounds of tourists, jet planes, ferry horns, and visiting sailors. Did I mention the visiting sailors? All these men in their white cracker-jack uniforms..... I married a sailor you know (well, he isn't any more, but he was). There's just something about a man in uniform.

*snap back to reality*


amor said...

Ha! I married a uniform too, opps I mean a man in uniform,Army though..He's not anymore either :( I miss seeing him in uniform...
I'm so jealous of your job! I'm stuck in an office with two cubicles and three windows way above me all I see is the top of two dying palm trees! I need a new job!

Anonymous said...

My sailor husband wore his dress blues when we got married (great pics!) and we met during fleet week in NY (through a friend from TX, not on the street). I never thought one way or another about "a man in uniform" til I got married. Dream E.

When I first moved here, I had a job interview in a waterfront office and while we were talking there was this HUGE rainbow behind her and she wasn't impressed AT ALL. THAT'S what drives me nuts - when you have a waterfront office and don't appreciate it.

- Kay in Bremerton (still a sub sailor Navy wife but not in the typical stained shirt, ugly slipper-wearing way)

wyn said...

that's one of the lovely things about living in a port city. we get tall ships every so often, an airshow at the former air base, and military sightings alot (one of two navy bases in can.) there is something so patriotic about seeing them! it's alright if you're just looking... :-)

Michelle said...

Hubby was on a sub too. He grew up in Renton and wanted to be station in Bremerton. As a cruel joke, he was sent to the USS Bremerton in Pearl Harbor. And for that reason, he doesn't want to go back to Oahu ever again. Damn the military! He's in the Army reserves now, and the uniforms aren't quite the same. To GI-Joe for me, I suppose. But then again, that one time of the year when he has to wear the dress greens, YUM!

Anonymous said...

Supposedly all military branches going to start wearing city camoflage (can't think of the proper name but it's the blue cammies) and nix the Popeye stuff. I can't imagine how such a rule would pass since it's such a tradition!

I've heard that the locals in Hawaii HATE the military. When I visited when he stopped off there a couple times in mid-deployment it seemed like the locals hated EVERYBODY but once I spent too much time in Waikiki I kind of understood. Too Many Tourists.

Michelle said...

They ALL should get new uniforms. I mean, come on, those white outfits are way outdated (bell bottoms were in fashion for men...when?) Yes, tradition is tradition, but a little update won't hurt. Hubby's in the army reserves now, and I swear his camo's haven't changed since he joined 3 years ago.

As far as the locals hating the military, I'm not too sure. p*t might know more about that, whether it's true or limited to a few people. Hubby said that the local women wouldn't date military men because they didn't make enough money, which is pretty much common knowledge.