We've been enjoying an unusually warm Summer. After a few days of near 90's, the masses start to groan "It's SOOOO hot!". The sunshine is very much welcome, but we Western Washingtonians are not adapted for long stretches of hot weather (stretch defined as 2 or more days). How to beat the heat? Here's how:

Fans: Yes, this is obvious, but finding a fan can get difficult and/or expensive when they are needed. If you're able to get a hold of one, double the cooling power with a spray bottle. Spray your neck, arms, face, whatever, then sit in front of the fan. Turn up the ceiling fans too, if you have them.

Air conditioning: Not that you have to install A/C in your own home, but at least find a friend that has it. Bring some cold brew or iced tea and chill out.

Kiddie pool: A lady once told me that she found the best way to keep cool was to sit in a lawn chair in the shade, with her feet in a kiddie pool full of cold water. This sounds like a great idea for the dogs, too!

Frozen Scented Washcloths: A great tip from Daily Candy, why didn't I think of it?

Close those drapes! Don't let the light in your house which will warm it right up. Keep out the light, and the heat.

Stuck in a hot car? On a family drive to Disneyland, we were stuck in an old BLACK Monte Carlo with NO A/C. Needless to say, we were dying. Did I mention it was over 100 degrees F outside? Mom got a bunch of towels wet, and we wore the wet towels over our swimsuits while driving. The breeze cooled off the towels. A sanity-saving idea.

Drink UP! Water that is, you need to be able to sweat. So stay hydrated! Stay away from dehydrating caffeine and alcohol (most important if you're outside in the elements).

Be Lazy: this is my favorite. Don't cook, don't turn on the oven, DON'T MOVE AT ALL. This will prevent overheating. Order in and let someone else's kitchen get hot, or better yet, go to an air conditioned restaurant or their shaded patio seating.

Cold Shower: Well, at least get your hair wet. And don't dry it with that hair dryer! I love that I am allowed to not do my hair in Summer, for sake of not heating up my bathroom with the hair dryer.

Go to the beach: The air around the water is usually cooler, but make sure to put on the sunscreen as there is more UV rays reflecting off the water.

Stay cool, all!


Tina*:) said...

Have to admit I've used some of these tactics! It's been pretty hot here, too! Yech!

Regarding the spray/fan combo: I like using those little cosmetic spray bottles, the kind that can be found at the 99¢ store. They're perfect for carrying around, and fit comfortably in hand! An added bonus, fill it with cold water from the fridge, or stick the bottle in there, instead, and stop by the fridge for a quick spritz!

There's that product that sprays a fine mistm which is supposed to cool the air a few degrees! When I remember to, I use it at hockey games to cool off! That's another great thing to have!

How about going to the mall into air conditioned stores?! Driving there in your air con car?!

Wiping down hot spots (face, neck, arm pits, back of kness, feet, and groin area*;) honest!) with those cool scented washcloths you've mentioned!

One of my most favorite things to do (I do this everytime I get home), is to wash my feet under cold running water in the tub! Makes my feet clean after being out, and cools them down, too!

Sorry! I just commandoed your comments!*;)

amor said...

I love to sit and munch on frozen grapes! :)

Michelle said...

Some really great ideas! p*t, you've probably had more practice at beating the heat in humid climate. I like frozen grapes, they seem to freeze the best - not getting too hard and unchewable.