It's been over a week, and the sink is still broken...I am hoping and wishing that it will get done by the end of this week.  Hoping.  I do understand why it doesn't get done.  There are several factors:
1. Everyone's having a barbecue.  And, we have to go.  It's a lot more fun.
2. It's so hot!  I know for most that 87 degrees is not that hot.  But for us, it's pretty hot - plus, there's the relative humidity of 65% that makes it unbearable.  The only thing you want to do is stay inside and sloth around.  Hubby did much slothing yesterday, as was hungover from previous day's barbecue.  The entire weekend was so muggy. 
3. Out of town family and friends visit.  When is the next time you're gonna see these people really?  So, all things are set aside.
4. Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  Ok OK! I'm kidding.  I was able to drop by after work on Friday, and I went a little nutso.  I updated my sale entry to tell you what I got.
5. My roommates moved out.  I was pretty glad that they had some friends helping already, and they rented a moving truck.  So, I pretty much didn't have to help that much.  Although, I did offer.  But they wanted to start putting things away to make more room for the rest of their stuff.  I'll probably help them tomorrow or later.
We're still excited about the fact that we can now walk around the house naked.  It really helped with the hot weather.  I just hope my neighbors weren't able to sneak a peak.  That could be scary...

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