A second post today, what a treat! But, after reading ljcfyi and her talking about the cake, and having come back from a wedding, the subject is fresh on the mind.

Cake issue #1: Cake-smooshing - tradition or just mean? I would say, I didn't appreciate it when Hubby put frosting on my nose (could have been worse, though I was NICE to him), but I really don't want to see frosting and cake all over a girl's face and hair. If you smoosh, please smoosh with courtesy so as not to ruin expensive dress, makeup job, hairdo, and waste delicious cake (remember the starving kids in Africa!). Thank you.

Cake issue #2: Saving the top for the first anniversary - tradition or just gross? I say, YUCK, YUCK, NASTY, GROSS, EW! Especially if you get a bland vanilla flavor - it WILL ABSORB all the strange flavors in your freezer, like baking soda. Who KNOWS what it'll be tasting like? So, eat the top while you can enjoy it! Then buy a new cake for your anniversary. For our first anniversary, we went to the bakery where we got our cake, and they sold pieces of cake by the slice. It was very cute and delicious, and there was no cake smooshing on either of our parts.

Now, I'll think I'll go have some cake.

P.S. The wedding I went to had cheesecake, and although smooshing was attempted, the effect wasn't so messy.

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wyn said...

hi michelle, thank you for the suggestion on my site. i hope i will have time to show both to the date and then decide for good.... not being of a very romantic bend, right now, i can't see at all the fun/sweetness of cake smooshing in the least. on the nose seems alright, a girl could almost look cute? and just repowdering your nose isn't a *big* deal. i'd be pissed if i got cake in my eye or hair or anywhere else that wouldn't look the least cute. and that cake tradition #2? never heard of that before but... ew. gross, man...!