Why is it whenever I'm shopping with a friend, it seems that I spend more money and buy more stuff? Is it the happy feeling of being with said friend, or that you really don't have much time for shopping, so when you go to the mall, you kinda freak out and just buy all that you need. Well not all, we did go to Victoria's Secret and I forgot to buy new pantyhose (the best!). I actually didn't too bad...

Which brings me to my question: If you love a particular article of clothing, is it OK to buy it in several colors? It's funny how some people are like, NO NO NO, but then others are, YES YES YES.

I'm of the opinion: It's OK, but TWO is the limit (usually, except for ribbed turtlenecks, I have more than I can count). The strappy black sandals that I bought in Albuquerque? Well, I saw them up here in a different color, a perfect nude (AND cheaper because they're now on the clearance rack!). I wanted a pair of strappy nude sandals that are a little more dressy than the ones I got. And I really love these sandals because they're a platform wedge heel (great for height and makes the legs look good), they're surprisingly comfortable, and (blushingly) they make my feet look smaller (not to say that 8 - 8 1/2 is large). I'm sorry I couldn't find it online (maybe I'll post a pic....later).

I've done this before, however, with shirts and shoes (Birkenstocks, anyone?) without anyone every noticing or saying anything. Well, maybe the turtleneck sweaters, but HEY, I love 'em! So, what's the big deal? If it's a good deal and a good product, be it shoes or clothing, why not? Besides, you'll know you'll love them.


Anonymous said...

Me guilty of that charge too! :) I always wind up spending too much moolah when shopping with friends! And I'm of the YES YES YES mind of buying something I like in several colors, never mind I already have the equivalent of it at home. Let's see, I've got 2 turtlenecks of the same colour and one of a different colour, 2 boatnecks of different colours, 2 slacks of the same colour... I could go on and on! :)


wyn said...

i find it a bit harder to shop with someone else than just myself when i'm free to imagine what i can be in a certain article of clothing... that's just me.
i agree that you can buy a second in a different colour. but probably not more! even if i ever get a second one, i find that one gets worn far more often than the other... do you? and sometimes there's that blasted incentive like "buy 1 get one 1/2 off" to get you to buy a second!

Yvett said...

I also spend more when shopping with friends. I think it's the whole "Ooh! That looks great!"
About loving a style, the most I've ever bought of the same style is two too.