The weekend was spent running errands, cleaning, and [my favorite] napping/relaxing/catching up on reading/tv.

A new microwave has been purchased to replace my schitzo-arcing-sparking old one (that was only 1 1/2 years old-piece of shit!). I know I wanted the KitchenAid supernice-superexpensive one, but it was also superhard-tofindinstock-anywhere. I couldn't justify spending $400 on a microwave either.

But I went to the new appliance store by the mall, Albert Lee, because I saw that they carried the KitchenAid microwave. I learned that they don't even make the microwaves. The 3 big microwave makers are GE, Sharp, and Panasonic. So, buying the KitchenAid would be buying the look and brand. I ended up getting their best-seller GE Countertop Microwave in Stainless Steel. Large, but very cool. Love that sensor cooking. I even got the last one at a great deal (since it was the display and had no box or manual - I gotta look for it online). So far, everyone in the house loves it. It even "talks" to you as words scroll across the display.

As for my new problem...
I was doing the dishes when I noticed that I was standing in a puddle. I shouldn't be standing in a puddle, so I opened the cabinet door and saw that it was leaking around my garbage disposal. This was a new problem. I cleared everthing from under the sink and started to clean up all the water (nasty, by the way). I put a dry towel down and a couple of large buckets. Then I undid one of the pipes to see if something was clogged. Just water came out, so I started to put it back when....The garbage disposal fell off. It landed in the bucket so no mess, but I was in the middle of doing the dishes! What a headache!

So began Operation No More Dirty Dishes, until the problem is fixed. I have limited use of half my sink. Fortunately it doesn't leak out the side where I pulled the pipe out, but there's a bucket there just in case. Hubby looked at the disposal and concluded that the part that keeps it attached to the sink is unrepairable. It's basically corroded through and can't be attached. So he wants to take the whole thing out and pipe it through - no disposal. Whatever, I just want my sink back!



wyn said...

ugh, that sounds like such an ugly mess...! i hope it can be all fixed really soon!

Tina*:) said...

Smart guy, that husband of yours. My plumber friend says disposals are the devil's toy.

I tend not to use mine, and only to clear the pipes when stray bits get into it.

May you get your sink back very soon!