I know, It's a little early....but I'm already thinking about Christmas. Christmas gifts, to be more exact. So, I gotta write these things down while they're fresh in my mind

Mom: Dooney & Bourke Backpack. She's always loved the D&B All Weather Leather, the older ones with the duck logo. She wasn't one to splurge on getting a bag. And the ones she could afford were too small. So, I'm thinking I'll be really nice to her this year with one. I gotta keep on the lookout for one on eBay, or maybe I'll get one of the newer styles. She likes to carry around a backpack purse most of the time to keep her hands free, but the one she has now is a canvas type that's not the most stylish things around (in my opinion). UPDATE 8/17: Is it too early to be buying Christmas gifts? I say, NO, especially if you found a great deal on eBay. Which I did. And I got it. It's going to be great. I think I'll top it off with a brand new D&B keychain too. She'll love it. Or at least, she BETTER love it.

Another great idea for my Mom: Audubon Society Gift Membership and Bird Feeder. She took up birdwatching (aka "birding") while in Texas. This'll keep her busy.

Hubby: I know I said before that I was going to get him the Coach wallet for a graduation gift, but at the present time, we were getting ready to re-roof the house and losing our roommates (therefore, the funds are going to drop...quickly). So, he got a salad spinner instead (he wanted it) and some Gap Jeans. Besides, his wallet should last until Christmas. And while I'm there, I can also get him a new belt. He has a couple of Coach belts already (I never thought of him being a label whore), but they're pretty much beat to hell, and he's already replaced one of them. So, a new brown belt for him too. Also, I wanted to give him a gift certificate at Seattle Paragliding. It's something I think he would thoroughly enjoy. As a stocking stuffer, I think a Java Java Gift card would be perfect (I think $100 would last about a month...or less). UPDATE 8/17: "Skipping Christmas" comes to mind, because we're going to Vegas instead during the Christmas holiday. But we are buying presents for everyone else. I mean, I'm buying presents for my family. His family is most likely doing the drawing names thing, but the nieces will get stuff from everyone. They're kids, afterall.

Little Gifts: I love giving a small gift for each of the ladies in my life. Last year, I did the marble magnets. One year, I gave a tealight in a holder with Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Lotion. Another year, I rubber stamped some wooden Ikea picture frames. I like making gifts because they are usually appreciated and they're fun to make. I'm thinking this year I'll make some wine charms (instructions at not martha). I guess I should start looking for some small charms... UPDATE 8/17: I just thought of a great food idea. Chocolate dipped _______. I haven't thought of the thing to be dipped yet, but it'll be good. Perhaps Peppermint Chocolate dipped ________. Cookies maybe? Oooh, that'd be good.

Those are the only gift ideas I have so far. I still have to think of gifts for my Dad, Brother, Brother's girlfriend, and In-Laws, among many others.

Dad: I saw a Mariner's windbreaker that would be perfect for Dad. I got him the dugout jacket last year, but this one's a lot lighter and can be worn for the rest of the year. It's also on sale, so I'll be picking this up soon, now that I have the room on my Visa. lol

Brother's Girl: I found a Bath & Body Works gift set that I bought a while back, for some reason (had a coupon, I think). At the time, I just liked the little bag. But now that I look at it, I really don't want to keep it. So I think I'll give it to her, in addition to a great bathrobe.

The Nieces: There are some great bags at the Bag Shop by my work. They're a great deal and come in lots of colors. I even got a denim one for myself (the price was soooo right). I'll be filling these up with such girlie essentials like lip gloss and candy.

UPDATE 10/4: Have you seen these Karen Neuberger socks? They're crazy soft and perfect for Mom and my Brother's Girl....and me.

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