This might be too much information for some of you.  So, go look at someone else's blog, cuz I know I'm not alone here with this problem.

Here's my issue: I've been taking birth control for about 6 years (more or less).  Initially there were some problems.  I went on them originally b/c my periods were out of whack.  I mean, totally messed up - they would be so irregular, I couldn't predict them at all.  So, I got on the pill.  My first pill was Zovia, I think, a generic of some sort.  Didn't work.  Got switched to Ovcon, and I think I was on that for 2 or 3 years.  Then I switched to Ortho-Tri-Cyclen (for clearer skin!!).  I don't think it improved or worsened my skin.

It was starting last November or October that the problems began.  Yes, it worked as birth control.  I've never gotten preggers or even had a scare.  It's just that I started spotted mid-cycle and it would last about a week.  Talk about that "not so fresh feeling".  I talked to my doctor about it, and since I was dieting at the time, he (yes I have a male dr.) said that the loss of fat could result in a loss of estrogen.  So I stuck with it.  Then after three months, still no improvement and more frustration for me (and Hubby).  I was switched to Desogen (I take the generic, Apri).

The first month was A-OK.  It worked, and I though my problem was solved.  Until this month, the spots came back and my lacy underwear was again banished to the back of my underwear drawer.

I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but I looked for information on the Internet.  And I found that WebMD has a discussion board.  Although it makes my problems seem routine, I feel so bad for those other girls with way worse problems.  Some that are on the pill and take it correctly are so paranoid and freaked out that they might be pregnant.  They don't have faith in the pill.  It took me a while to place faith in the pill myself, but I got over it and trust it fully.

Anyways, it seems that after long term pill use, there are side effects.  Not really unhealthy, but annoying - like spotting.    Just great! (feel the sarcasm!)  But the thought of having a superthin uterine lining, so thin it can't support itself, is kinda freaky, no?

I'm going to have to stick to my current pill for another 3 months (mail order pharmacy, have to order 3 mo. supply at a time for bigger insurance discount).  So, hopefully my "condition" will improve.  I was thinking about the long-term alternatives to the pill - NuvaRing, OrthoEvra Patch, Depo, even the IUD.  But after looking at the options, I think I'll stick with the pill.

I just gotta find the perfect one for me.  I heard there's almost a hundred different ones.  If you're having a good experience with yours, please let me know.  I'm interested in knowing which ones are better than others.  Maybe the one I have now is perfect, and I just gotta get used to it.

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Anonymous said...

I have an IUD. I can't use hormonal birth control, and I'm allergic to latex, so I have very few options. I had bad cramps and spotting after it first went in and for the first couple of months, but now I have no problems. (Except for the one time my boyfriend got poked by the string -- that scared him half to death. "What the hell do you have in there??? Is that a splinter???") I think it's a good method, and it's what my gynocologist uses herself.