I don't know how we got on the subject of hair, but I think it started when she walked up and asked a girl I was talking to about her curly hair. Her being a fellow curly girl wanted to know if she had read Curly Girl. She said she did and that she loved it. I was intruiged... Some nearby fellows were rolling their eyes at the frank girl talk.

My hair is naturally wavy, which is a category discussed in the book. From what I could gather from the conversation, the author, Lorraine Massey, advocates the use of conditioner as cleanser (not shampoo) for those with curly heads. There obviously has to more to it than that, so I'm going to have to get the book myself. I can't see myself not shampooing - my scalp is just too oily, and you can tell if I don't shampoo for a day (ick!) But in all seriousness, I don't really know how to handle my mixed up hair. I usually just pull it back or blow-dry it straight and let the layers do their thing.

Off to the library I go! I must seek hair knowledge!

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