Yesterday, I spent my morning dropping off my dog Bandit at the pet clinic for surgery, and the afternoon visiting my uncle in the hospital. Therefore, I drove everywhere.

As I left home, I had a quarter tank of gas. Plenty enough to get to work and to Costco, where I was planning to do some shopping after the hospital visit. Costco has the cheapest gas I've seen anywhere, and it's best to go during the week to beat the large crowds. There is still a crowd, but not as big.

Got to work fine, parked, and forgot all about gas all day. I left towards the hospital, which is on First Hill (aka Pill Hill, due to the fact that all the hospitals in Seattle are on the same hill). Hills. Hills. Hills. Seattle is basically built on a hill. I work on the Waterfront, the bottom of the hill. "How do you get to the Waterfront? Go down the hill!"

Going up the hill and waiting at a light (did I mention that up these steep hills there are many many traffic lights?), I remember about the gas as I look at my gas guage. Empty! Or damn near close to it! What? I should have just enough. Then the gas light would flicker on and off. I needed to get gas now. It was rush hour downtown busy traffic, and I was not about to get stuck in it. How embarrassing would that be?

So, had to take a detour. Gotta find a gas station. And for those who don't know, there are no gas stations in downtown Seattle. Because many people who actually live in the city (not many) don't have or need cars. I had to leave downtown, but I didn't know exactly where to go. I had found a main drag expecting a gas station to appear somewhere....

Fifteen minutes later and also realizing that I wasn't that empty, but thanks to hill it looked like I was, I happened upon a 76 station (yeah!). $2.31/gal. I think I'll only get $10 worth. Less than 5 gallons. ouch!

So, I eventually got to the hospital and had a nice chat with my uncle. Unfortunatly so late that I missed my aunt, who left ten minutes before I got there. And also had time to go to Costco to return Salmonella almonds (we didn't get sick) and buy 5-gallon bucket of detergent, huge tube of Electrasol tabs, and mega bottle of Herbal Essences conditioner (with bonus regular size bottle)....and more gas, at $2.11/gal. Sad that I'm happy about that price.

Bandit is doing well, although she's wearing a cone on her head. I took some pictures, because it was only fair as I took many pictures of my other dog Kenai when he was a conehead. As soon as I get my internet back at home, I will try to post. I signed up for that Hello account for picture hosting, so I'll figure it out later.

Today, however, I ride the bus.

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