I was working on the Bachelorette Party stuff, when I ran out of staples. I was making these notecards for the party attendees to write their "words of advice" to the bride. It's a heavy red cardstock, with another piece of paper for which has some lines and the title "A little advice from your friends...". I didn't really want to staple, but I didn't have any rubber cement or double stick tape, so this was the best I could do. Halfway through is when I ran out.

So the next day I go to my local Bartell's Drug store to refill my stapler. I end up getting colored staples, which are so cute in fuchsia, yellow, green, and blue. Funny that I couldn't find regular ones to fit my mini stapler. Somehow, that is so wrong. What if a guy needed staples? He needed to get the large pack of staples and break them to make them fit into the mini stapler. Hubby thought it was a little excessive to be getting the colored staples, until I explained there were no plain ones. And they were still cheap at $1.99 for 4 little packs of colored staples.

But, I do find that having interesting office supplies really does aid in productivity. Here are my favorites:

Bic Velocity Pens: I had two packs of these (10 pens) at work, metallics and regular. And somehow I only have 5 left, of which 3 are out of ink). Damn pen stealers!

Dr. Grip Gel Pen: I have the silver one, but they also have a Champagne Mauve one that's darling. This has managed to stay put on my desk, it's pretty stealthy in my pen cup - blends right in.

Colored Paper Clips: I don't know why, but I have a bunch and feel that I can't use them because they're so cute, I don't want to lose them.

Colored Binder Clips: Now, I don't have any of these, because I'm pretty much swimming in black ones at work - I use them all the time...but, maybe I'll get some for home.

Sushi Pens: Although you're at the risk of perhaps accidentally eating your pens, but v. cute.

Creative wrist rests: I have this plain black gel wrist rest for my keyboard, but this is something I'd rather have.

Fun Tape Dispenser: Now, it's so great to have a tape dispenser at home, especially when wrapping gifts. But they're not always very pleasing to the eye as they scream "office". These however, scream fun!

Now I covet things to make my desk more fun. And you thought the rubber band ball was fun...


wyn said...

you know what, i even like silver binder clips because they won't lose their paint colour. the sushi pens are adorable... for really girly stationary (and stuff no one else has... in my undiverse city), i go for korean or japanese stuff. i wonder at what age when i'm too old for morning glory or sanrio....? gel pens increase my productivity! :p

Yvett said...

Those are cute! I especially like the wrist rests. I'm inspired to make some now!