I got my new Coach bag and it's lovely. I get a lot of complements on it, so happy that I got it (finally). It's also large enough to fit a book! And it'll go perfect with my wedding outfit. At first I thought it wouldn't match much of my outfits, but, with its neutral ivory color and white leather trim, it goes with just about everything in this breezy summer's fashion.

But, alas, I cannot be satisfied with just the one. There will always be better purses that I will strive to get. Maybe I'll make an annual tradition of rewarding myself each year with a uber-expensive purse (using my annual bonus). Until then, here's my new list of purses I want:

Prada Pushlock Leather in Camel: I suddenly want a Prada bag. Maybe it's all these SATC episodes that are getting to me. They have Fendi bags, I want a Prada bag....
Coach Soho Leather Flap Satchel: I wish I would have waited for this one, but I'd rather see this in a Camel color.
Prada Moon bag: A classic shape with modern details
Coach Soho Small Leather Duffle in Black: I will get this someday, maybe if I finally get that Coach gift certificate from WorldPoints.
Coach Soho Leather Flap Hobo in Tan: So cute and simple!
Tod's Carrie Handbag: It's shape is like Kate Spade's Sam, but leather and with a buckle. A perfect blend, if you will.
Kate Spade Crosby Street Rory: Pure simplicity in leather.

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