Today I had a dentist appointment. I had it planned for months. I remembered last week, wrote it down, told the receptionist that I'd be late today....then I came to work early today, looked at my calender, and thought "oh sh*t! I'm not supposed to be here!"

I couldn't cancel, as it would be humiliating and well, they might charge me anyway, and I already had the time cleared from work. So I still had to go. One little problem, I rode the bus to work. I couldn't just hop in the car and drive myself there.

Thank goodness that our mass transit system isn't that bad. I quickly went to the Trip Planner on Metro's Web site, so I could figure out if and how I could get to my dentist's office. Luckily a bus was leaving downtown that would take me to Renton, then another bus would take me up the hill to my dentist. And these buses run all day, so that I could take the reverse trip after I got out of the dentist.

I ran out of here like a bat out of hell, leaving behind a confused co-worker, ran up 100 steps (the Harbor Steps), ran into the bus tunnel, then waited a few minutes for my bus. I kept on freaking myself out, worried that I might have missed it, or it's late, or my watch was wrong. But once it came, I was relieved. The rest of the bus rides went without a hitch. These are definitely adventures in bus riding...

I got to the dentist, albeit 15 minutes late, but they understood, after they laughed at me. I was laughing at me too, so it was ok. My teeth are in good shape, though I grind them at night. They're looking to see if my insurance will cover a night guard, aka "monster teeth". And I need a small filling for a pit in one of my teeth. But no decaying roots or nothing.

Whatever happened to the cool toy bin though? He used to have a cool toy bin that you got to pick something from after your dental visit. I think they only do stickers now. And now that I'm all grown-up, I only get my toothbrush and dental floss. I always ask for the kids floss, but they never have it. And it's so much better, they taste better and it's a little thicker so it doesn't cut off the circulation in your fingers. Also, I don't think it hurts as much either. Kid's floss would make me floss more, I think. Though, I really don't feel like buying it myself.

All in all, going to the dentist really was an adventure this time...and I even got a built-in workout.


wyn said...

out of curiosity, how much does a mouth guard cost? it's one-time and would be worth it. i think if you don't get one you might end up with headaches and unaligned jaw? (i could be wrong, too.)

Michelle said...

I'm really not sure how much, but I know I asked, and for some reason I remember it was over $300. Insurance should pay for it, however, since it is a medial/dental problem - I can already feel that I sometimes have a sore jaw, from grinding and/or clenching my teeth. Who knows what'll happen if I don't get it...I already realigned by jaw once with two years of braces, I wouldn't want to undo all that - or get braces again!