Some people say that it doesn't matter how much you pay for makeup, that they're essentially the same. For some things, yes, however, I think there are a few beauty basics that you shouldn't skimp on: foundation and your skin care products (cleansers, moisturizers, and such). I didn't think that eye-shadow was one of them, but after a visit to Sephora, I think differently now.

After my previous visit to a Lancome makeup artist, I discovered a new mauvy shade that worked well with my skin tone. I was getting tired of the browns and neutrals, I wanted color. The pallette (4Magic) that she used had colors that I already had, except for the mauve. I didn't buy any eyeshadow, though I did buy some other stuff that I think I mentioned before...(lipstick, eyeliner, Hypnose mascara).

I had some extra time after work recently, so I popped into the new Sephora location in downtown Seattle. Trying to find a similar shade left me empty handed; I couldn't quite remember exactly what the shade was, and they didn't have Lancome makeup in the store. But, during my search I tried Stila, Benefit, and Sephora Collection, among others. The Stila felt really nice, with full coverage with one or two strokes. The Benefit was also good and smooth. The Sephora, well, was barely noticable. I had to keep applying and applying. Although the cheapest, not exactly worth the effort, and it didn't feel as nice.

After all that, I left the store empty-handed and headed to the Bon-Macy*s because I knew they were doing a gift with purchase for Lancome. At least I could figure out what that color was, and get a gift out of it. They didn't carry the pallette anymore, as it was a limited edition set, but I did find a color that was really close to what I was looking for, called Exhibition - yeah! And I also got a lipliner in Charme and the Eyelid Primer (very nice).

For the gift, I received a [rediculously ugly] beach bag with [rediculously ugly] matching flip-flops (I will give to Mom probably). It came with a Juicy Tubes sample in Sun Bronze, an eyeshadow duo sample in brown and greyish light brown, a self-tanner sample (gave to sis-in-law), eye stuff sample (also gave to sis-in-law) and Flextencils mascara sample.

I used the Juicy Tubes, but was skeptical. I haven't had really good luck with these glosses; They're usually too gloopy and sticky. But I really really like this stuff! It goes on easy and slick, and not too sticky. I was always afraid of kissing my hubby with other glosses, now only he's concerned about getting lip stuff on him. I'm not sure if I'll actually buy it, but I'll say I would consider it in the future if lip supplies are running low and they're giving away a gift with purchase.


wyn said...

lol. what is "sun bronze" flavour? i have coral rush and can't describe the flavour and, same as you, i didn't buy it myself. ever heard of the lip gloss with "bee venom" in it. it burns and makes your lips poutier. :p

Michelle said...

The Sun Bronze is a shiny shimmery brown, which is right up my alley. It doesn't really taste like anything, in my opinion, but it smells nice - which is good since it'll be so close to my nose. I tried to taste it though - and it tastes like plain lip gloss. As for the plumping gloss, I haven't tried it myself as I feel my lips are of pretty good "plumpness", not exactly Angelina Jolie, but fine for me. I think DuWop made the first one, called Lip Venom, but now it seems all sorts of lip plumping glosses and lipsticks are coming out. From what I hear, the effect is temporary.