I took the day off today, not because I'm sick or for a really good reason - it's because I'm still adjusting....adjusting to real life. I've been on vacation mode since last Thursday. It's been a very busy 4 days, hardly feeling like a vacation. After travelling all day yesterday, I didn't feel like I had any time off. My flight out of Albuquerque was delayed, and my connecting flight out of Phoenix was also delayed. I got back to the lovely [not!] Sea-Tac Airport late...but Hubby picked me up and met me at the Security Checkpoint (so lovely).

I woke up this morning (or at least attempted to) remembering all the things I still needed to do: finish unpacking, laundry, laundry, laundry, dishes, yard stuff, water plants, vacuum, enter purchases into checkbook. Yikes! This would definetly take another day - so I took another day off. But today really did feel like a Sunday, and tomorrow, I'll be ready for work. I have clean clothes and a clear mind - ready to work. I told my co-worker over the phone that I wouldn't have done anything at work if I were there. Good thing my boss was running late too.

As for the trip - the bachelorette party went great, not exactly as planned, but everyone seemed to have a great time and the food was excellent. I got a little bit of shopping - more than what I would normally do, but hey, I was on vacation and I had some time. I got a pair of strappy black wedge sandals, a flamenco-like pair of black heels, a sterling silver cuff bracelet, a pair of cute tan-tinted sunglasses, and a fake pashmina (from the airport, you can beat $10), as well as some souvenirs for my family. Of course, I also brought home some green chilies and local salsas (love the New Mexican chile). The ceremony was beautiful and unique - we had to make some alterations as it was delayed due to rain, and quite messy afterward. Yes, they needed the rain down there, but couldn't it have waited until Sunday? In addition, my cute little outfit was covered almost the entire time by a blanket. It was the only warm thing I had!

Another memorable trip and the last one for a while. We were thinking about going out of town for the 4th of July weekend, but I'm thinking we'll be staying home. After the spending I did, we don't really need to do any more. Besides, the weather appears to be cooperating that weekend, so perhaps we'll have some friends over for a BBQ. We'll see I suppose.

Now, I gotta get updated on my blog-reading.

Chow Babes!

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wyn said...

sounds like you got some great stuff in albequerque (sp!!), nice accessories :) glad to hear the trip was fun and it's pretty natural to want to stay in this coming next weekend and host a thing at your own place instead :D